Online rantings aren't safe. I know that. However, with a nick like mine, I think nobody would even bother to find out who I am. And I don't like to talk about political, religious or other sensitive issues. So I have nothing to be scared of, right?

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Wednesday, January 01, 2020
Not happy

In the end, I realised I am not at all happy. I think I should look for something I really enjoy doing it for a long time.

Posted at 10:54 am by yzwr
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Wednesday, December 25, 2019
Never been this unhappy

I will give myself another one more year or less to consider if this job is right for me? If not, I should really think of another one. The environment is just too toxic to me.

Posted at 04:32 pm by yzwr
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Monday, December 02, 2019

I was googling for the Japanese Dept head Dr Teow S^ee H*eng when I realised he had turned to monkhood. Courage is really to do what you like without any concerns about how people think or feel. Maybe that's why people migrate or leave for another country.

Posted at 10:20 am by yzwr
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Sunday, November 03, 2019
Shanghai Trip

It is an exhausting trip and in the end created a lot of backlogs for me. I read the newspapers and this 70 year old PRC lady retired at 45. I like what she said that she did not like to work, she only like to play. I think that's the difference between a SG CL and a PRC. They really retired in their 50s but we do not. I wonder why?

Posted at 08:42 pm by yzwr
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Sunday, October 06, 2019

The ranking is done. I am exhausted. Every year, I feel like a bad person. I cannot wait to leave the toxic environment. Not sure where my next journey will begin?

Posted at 04:50 pm by yzwr
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Monday, September 09, 2019

I realised that in the real world, everyone gets objectified. I am not sure if we still believe in giving people some dignity. I wish to try something new to spare myself this agony.

Posted at 07:56 am by yzwr
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Friday, August 09, 2019
Work system

I am really feeling the stress from work and I feel like taking a breather somewhere. Work does not need to make one happy but it should not take all the joy away. I think I need to review my life. I read about this lady who gave up teaching to volunteer twice a week. What kind of life do I want to lead?

Posted at 05:29 pm by yzwr
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Monday, July 08, 2019

In a sharing by Teo You Yann,she asserted that to help everyone moved forward, the capable should resist progress so that the less capable and weak can catch up. This is exactly like our appraisal system. You forced out the incapable ones and asked the last ranked to improve. They will never be able to unless the top ranked were to stop or slow down for them. The system is fundamentally flawed and they really need a review fast.

Posted at 04:37 pm by yzwr
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Friday, June 21, 2019

My investment is usually an independent affair, except this current one. I am deeply suspicious if she is taking me as a fool to pay for something that I will rarely enjoy as much as she does. I will be selling it away hopefully by next year. Even if I can earn more, I think it would still be OK for me. I am not greedy. In the first place, the original plan of earning money through rental was shelved. That means I am already making more losses every month.

Posted at 07:10 pm by yzwr
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Friday, June 14, 2019
June holiday break

After a change of leadership, I must say that it is really a horrible year thus far. If I am rich, I would have find another job that would make me happy. I think it would come a point in time where money cannot be the sole reason for my stay there.

Posted at 11:06 pm by yzwr
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